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Green Tea Coke?

What is it with Japan an oddly flavored soft drinks? It was only a few years ago that Pepsi *very* briefly experimented with Cucumber flavored Pepsi.

You think I am kidding don't you? Good thing I took a picture.

Pepsi Cucumber - 1

Well, one small miscalculation by Pepsi. They actually made it taste like cucumber. Seriously. Spot on, and so, so wrong. This is one drink that did not stay on the shelves long, and I doubt it was due to high sales.

Now Coke enters the "because science can anything" game with the Coca Cola plus line of drinks.

"plus" in this case means some healthy ingredient such as vitamin C or Catechin. In other ways, it's really a "minus" as this series is targeted to women by keeping it no-calorie and using Sarah Jessica Parker in the advertisements. Check out the webpage here.

So the Coca Cola plus Catechin drink is supposed to be flavored like green tea. I've poured myself a glass and am drinking it down while writing this post. My assessment is…

Green Tea Coke? - 1

Green Tea Coke? - 2

Not bad. Really, Tastes kind of like Coke Zero. But actually a more mellow aftertaste. I actually think it's pretty good.

But I have no idea what they are talking about when they say Green Tea.

No green tea flavor at all that I can taste. But as experiments go it could be worse.

Trust me on that.