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Tokyo CGM Night Episode 5: The Otaku Strike Back

Another day, another networking event in out lovely city.

Today was a special treat though as the event was CGM Night. My personal favorite as it focuses on content production rather than handing out business cards (although there is a fair amount of that taking place too).

Thanks again to Andrew Shuttleworth and Danny Choo for creating such a great event! For more about CGM Night, click this link.

Tonight I met lots of chaps from Google, quite a few idols and models, and got to spend time with some of the great friends I have been making in Tokyo over the last few months. Was also great to see Paul Papadimitriou who will be heading back to Manila tomorrow, but will always remain a big part of the community here.

As usual I shot way too many pictures. I usually try to filter most of them out, but tonight I focused on portraits and I didn’t want to cut out anyone, so most of them are here. The slideshow below will be quite long I think, but there are some very beautiful people in there, so hopefully it’s worth sitting through. So click the poster below and start the show!

In addition to the general hang out atmosphere, there were the regular Jan-Ken taikais, which I always seem to get close to winning, but never take home a prize. And a group of Akiba-kei otaku were there to show everyone the Top secret Akiba dance. Brrr. I still feel shivers. Take a look.

I’m looking forward to the next CGM Night and what new surprises Danny and Andrew have in store for us.