facebook is really trying for a part in the new Three Stooges remake #socialmediafail

It really can’t get much worse than this right?

A screwed up IPO and tanking stock price is holding key investors hostage on the titanic and putting a big cramp into stock option sports car purchases, so let’s top off the week with a privacy issue story spiced with a whiff of user apathy.  In order to lock in a part, the social network just needs to fall through an open manhole and have a door smash a cream pie into it’s face.

PC World: Facebook Claims on Policy Change Vote Turnout Stir Image Problem

Ok, so let me get this right.

facebook wants to update it’s privacy policy *again*.  This is always a high point in public relations for social networks in general and facebook specifically, so obviously someone is looking for a way to make the whole experience a bit more… combustible.

So, they decide to hold an online referendum.  Wow… This one must have come from the zombie apocalypse of bad ideas.  Let’s ask the billion facebook users what they think.  If 30% respond, the results will be binding. 30% of course being roughly the ENTIRE population of the United States.  I’m sure someone at facebook was thinking “no way we can hit that number so even though it’s pretty much certain most people will hate the idea of a policy change, we can easily ignore the results and do whatever we want.”  This executive of course should be given a medal for being right, then taken out behind the building and shot for being an idiot.

As could easily be predicted, users vote against the measure by around an 8-1 ratio, and indeed the magic 30% number was not reached, so the results are invalidated.  So how many people voted?  Well, that would be, let’s see…


yup.  A statistical nada.  Only 342,000 users voted. That’s roughly 0.03% or 1/1000 the required quorum.  I guess this means that facebook has a Klout score of like… well… 0.

In it’s first “community” governance call, facebook was able to reach out and involve a whopping 0% of it’s own user base.  I guess next time they should allow votes by bot and troll accounts.

So they win because they can honestly say that there is not significant opposition to instituting the new privacy policy.  If you can cell getting “liked” by 0.01% of users “support”.  At a time when the market is nervous about the viability of the organization, particularly it’s ability to motivate its users and generate sales and revenue, it’s not a great confidence builder when you set your own standards and fail to miss them by, well, more than the total population of Germany.

Maybe next time they should check craigslist for a Social Media expert.  They could probably use the help.


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