NicoNico Chokaigi 2012 Event report

Spent the day yesterday in Makuhari at the NicoNico Chokagi, a special event going on this weekend.

NicoNico Chokaigi - 05

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NicoNico Douga is a Japanese video sharing and online streaming service. It fills a niche of Pirate Otaku Video so you can imagine what this place was like. Cosplayers, Itasha, Idols, Ikemen Otagei dance performances… ^^;

Saw my friends from Neurowear there doing the Japan launch of the brain wave controlled robot necomimi. Judging by the huge number of girls (and way too many guys for my comfort) wandering around the site I think you could call this a very successful launch.

The event is running today if you are looking for something to do. That is if you have a high tolerance for crowds, blaring loudspeakers, crazy otaku stuff and EM radiation.

NicoNico Chokaigi - 08

NicoNico Chokaigi - 07
Lots of Itasha offer video games playing anywhere, anytime.

NicoNico Chokaigi - 30
Of course I was most interested in drooling over the production equipment.

NicoNico Chokaigi - 10
Plenty to check out if you are into cars or cosplayers too!

A crazy Otaku dance-off. I have no explanation ^^;

NicoNico Chokaigi - 53
Now that’s my kind of EVA cosplay!

NicoNico Chokaigi - 55
Don’t forget to pick up your necomimi! Here are the creators Tomonori Kagaya and Toshitaka Kamiya. Special launch price at the event.

NicoNico Chokaigi - 46
Also got some free toilet paper from Good Smile company. Asked this nice girl to hold the TP and this is what she did. Is this some kind of thing?

NicoNico Chokaigi - 01
Get there early, I ended up waiting in a line for about an hour in the sun with a few thousand people.

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