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A Question?

Today has been a very surreal day. Online, I have been following continued scandals in Media with the #notw, Japan has seen quite a few developments in recovery efforts from the earthquake, food contamination and continued problems with the nuclear reactors, and a major story development with the sentencing of Lindsey Hawker’s killer. Not to mention a major OS upgrade for Apple computers, 2 new models, both in my potential upgrade path.

In the real world, it’s been a normal, very pleasant day. Had lunch with a good friend, met another later on for a quick chat and update. Not to mention phenomenal weather. Starting to feel a split between my real and online persona and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. Online I feel tied to a world much larger than myself and follow events that have little to do with me personally, yet when I look at the real world around me, I feel like I could turn it all off and lose nothing.

Or maybe I just need some caffeine

Home Reform (digital version)

Progressing along on my digital makeover, I have just about finished my home network makeover. The heart of one of my main motivations for this overhaul, this stage will probably be the most expensive, but hopefully the least time consuming.

A couple of weeks ago, my home NAS (network attached storage) device started showing errors. A 2 terabyte Buffalo Quad drive array, I had this system set up just as a home media server. For about 3 years it’s done a pretty good job, but I was not surprised to see the system starting to go. After all I run the server 24/7 and this is a consumer grade NAS, so I guess it was about time. I picked up a replacement drive and started a recovery cycle. With a 2TB system of course this takes a while. I was expecting less than 24 hours, so when I noticed the drive still recovering after a day I checked up on the system. Total crash.

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A Proposal: Steve 2.0

CEATEC 2009 - 001

So it’s been a pretty interesting week. A bit of a perfect storm in terms of my meta-life, with mini-crashes, new data influx, changing environment and my typical neurotic breakdown. The result being that I have decided that I need a good cleanse/redesign/rebuild of my information otherself.
Trying to attack this a piece at a time has not yielded any good results, so I dusted off my Project Manager cap and am going to attempt to deal with this the old fashioned way.  When in doubt, reboot, reformat, reinstall.

Warning. This is super dorky technical junk.

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