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Super Typhoon Songda on the way

Super Typhoon Songda on the way by Steve Nagata

About to slam into Okinawa at full strength, typhoon Songda (known in Japan as Typhoon #2), is on a direct course to hit Tokyo sometime tomorrow. By passing over southern Japan on the way, some of the strength should dissipate, and typhoons are notoriously difficult to predict, so it could be nothing much by the time it gets here, but either way we are expecting dark skies and lots of rain this weekend.
Been trough quite a few typhoons in Japan and they can get pretty scary. High winds have been known to blow cars and trucks around and they can turn the stone tiles used to shingle Japanese roofs into 5 pound projectiles. Typhoon season can go well into late fall, so it’s looking to be a dramatic start to what will surely be a very interesting summer.

New Gokuri: Green Apple

New Gokuri: Green Apple by Steve Nagata

Gokuri enters new ground with a non citrus fruit flavor.
Not really sure why, but this brand of juice is always very popular. It’s a bit thick. More like an apple smoothie than apple juice.
Anyway, just trying to test out the new blog, so sorry for all the rubbish entries.

Blogsy Test #2:

Somethings just not right.

Workin on it now

Test post via Blogsy

Posting from an iPad 2 with the Blogsy app. Here are some pics from today’s wireless Japan expo.

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Test Post via Flickit/Flickr

Test Post via Flickit/Flickr by Steve Nagata

Quick test post to confirm posting via Flickit is working.