What I did last night in Paris

So things have been going nonstop since I arrived in Paris. Not even a freak snowstorm can slow things down.
Following the incredible action of the first day of LeWeb, many of the participants moved to City Hall for a reception sponsored by the city. Of course, you can expect that the gathering was epic, and the venue unbelievable.

Following the reception, many moved onto the official late night party, but to be honest, I was pretty wiped out already. With the poor weather, empty taxis were as scarce as unicorns, so I decided to head back to the hotel before the last trains.
I did have a bit of time before that and I realized that city hall was a place Cedric Ingrand had taken me to on my first night in Paris. I also remembered what was just over the river. The Architecture of Paris is simply amazing and I don’t think I could ever get enough. For some reason, the Notre Dame Cathedral really shook me up when first saw it in person. The building is amazing, and the though occurred to me that it might look even better with snow.

What do you think?

Location:Avenue des Magasins Généraux,Aubervilliers,France


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