Burger King Bi:King. The end of the world as we know it

Almost fell down when I saw this sign. Through mid October, Burger King is offering an all you can eat deal for Whoppers.
This sign says that if you aren’t full after you finish your hamburger just ask for another one. Keep going until you are satisfied or your giant rotting corpse sloshes to the floor.
They use the “clever” slogan of Bi:King, or Viking, the Japanese loan word for all you can eat buffet (I know a few friends who find this highly insulting, but they bear no similarity to Haggar the Horrible).
Hesitant to try this out considering my failure to finish even half of my Windows 7 Whopper. Anyone want to go for a Burger challenge?


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Gadget Addict, Tokyo Resident and Techno-Luddite. Training, Solutions, and New Media Specialist. Not a fan of Mosquitoes.

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  1. Here in Chicago, U.S.A., most Burger Kings will sell two Whoppers (or two Original Chicken sandwiches) for $4.00. I usually eat at least two; that is, if I’m ordering Whoppers. (I’ve been known to instead buy two-to-six Buck Doubles because – well, you can probably guess what they cost.) ;=)}

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