Wonder Festival

Went back to Makuhari Messe for the first time in a couple of months (yeah, a long stretch I know) to check out the Wonder Festival with Danny Choo.

Wonder Festival 2010 - 048
Unbelievable how many people there were.  Lots of industry booths with all the major Anime/Otaku goods related companies hawking their wares.
Saw tons of Anime figures, dolls, model kits, cosplay, and who  knows what else.

Wonder Festival 2010 - 001

Wonder Festival 2010 - 004

Wonder Festival 2010 - 042

Wonder Festival 2010 - 037

Also had a successful test of my livestreaming gear.  Currently I am running a Logitech Orbit webcam mounted on top of a gorillapod tripod. This is run through a Sony UX microtop computer with a bluetooth headset for audio.  Streaming video to Ustream using my eMobile Pocket wifi worked great and allowed for a very stable video platform and gave me access to all the chat logs.
I am concerned with the power however as the battery on the computer only lasts around an hour while doing all this.  Also would love to have something that can run Ustream producer so will have to look into other microPC options for something with a bit more power and juice.

Still it was a fun time.
More pics are here on my flickr.


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  1. I just saw the pictures on flickr and I must say that you who have been at the festival are lucky people! 🙂
    things were pretty cool! 😉

  2. Those are pretty odd celebrations. People take pleasure in, even if, it sounds ridiculous. But it is very interesting to see.

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