CGM Night #6 Cospa-Mania

Another great meetup last night with CGM Night #6.
After a brief hiatus, CGM Night returned with a special Otaku edition.  CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Night is the brainchild of Danny Choo and Andrew Shuttleworth as a place for creative people and media companies to gather, network, and celebrate content creation.

This time, the event was held at the HQ of Cospa, an Anime/Otaku focused company that makes costumes and goods for the discriminating anime fanboy or fangirl.  In fact there were a bunch of cosplayers at the event and after a short presentation by Danny and Cospa CEO Hashimoto-san, the evening devolved into a cosplay photoshoot free-for-all.

Here are some of the highlights, and I posted a ton of photo's on flickr here if you want to check them out.

CGM Night Cospa - 039

Danny, Amano Ai and Cosplayers Leon and Kaname

CGM Night Cospa - 033

Amano Ai and Hashimoto-san of Cospa

CGM Night Cospa - 052

Danny surrounded by Cosplayers

CGM Night Cospa - 063

Sweet cosplay 看板娘 of Circus that I keep seeing around town.

CGM Night Cospa - 060

Lots of he Tokyo tech "in"-crowd there with Blogger Shubiya 246, MikaMika and Lhuga.


Tons of people filled the room, but maybe more cameras than people! That's Dr. Zuco in the sweet leather jacket.

CGM Night Cospa - 072

Lots of Dolls and figures around the room.

CGM Night Cospa - 070

Amano Ai with some famous Japanese bloggers. Have you seen her book Samurai Girl?

CGM Night Cospa - 020

Not sure what is happening here. Blame the indomitable Master Jonny Li


As I said, indomitable!

CGM Night Cospa - 079

Danny putting his sign on an OTACOOL poster (want one of those). Not it is worth 1,000,000,000 yens!


Event over, Danny finds a nice place to take a nap.
Lots more pics and coverage here from CGM Night.

Thanks again to Danny for the invite!



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  1. Zuco is a Dr. too?! I didn’t know that! I thought Serkan and I were the only Dr. in da house! ^^.

  2. Seemed to have been a successful & fun one! Pietro in a leather jacket, gosh :-))

  3. GEEK QUIZ: in which of your photos there is the president of NICONICO DOUGA?

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