iPhone 3Gs launches in Japan. I lose sleep.

Today marks the official launch of the iPhone 3Gs in Japan.

A bit later than the US launch, but still close enough that I don't feel too left out. Still, my schedule these days conspires to bring me to my knees. After a full day of meetings, I popped up to check the line at Omotesando for the Launch Party event sposored by Nobi and Denso. What did I find when I got here but Free pokening and hugs!

At the iPhone 3Gs line in Omotesando

Bypassing the line, i ducked in and quickly reserved my new Black 32GB iPhone 3Gs. Will pick it up after all the parties. Then, after popping home to pick up my camera and gear I met up with Danny Choo, Hector Garcia, and Ken Lee. Got a ride back to Omotesando from Danny's wife and then we entered Softbank territory. Shot this video of Danny as we arrived.
> We spent a couple of hours at Appliya Night. Appliya is an iPhone application development company and holds these great parties every month. This month was special of course with the release of the new iPhone hardware tomorrow. Also special with Maids and the ever lovely hostess of Appliya, Yang Yang.

iPhone 3Gs Japan Launch Party - 25
Picture above is the ever popular Otaku Idol Amano Ai.
After the pre-party we all went in to join the hundreds of other iPhone enthusiasts in the conference hall for Softbank's Launch party. Huge thanks to Nobi for putting this on and for letting me sneak in late 🙂 Here's a vid of the opening.

The event was full of prizes and contests and stormtroopers and more contests. I even won a pair of over the ear Bose Speakers! Nice ones too. At midnight the president of Softbank, Masayoshi Son himself showed off HIS iPhone 3Gs, told everyone how great it was, and then reminded us we had seven more hours to wait…

The event ended around 3AM, and we've been told we get free breakfast courtesy of Softbank at 4AM. So I just wanted to use the time inbetween to get this first post up. Should have more after the official start of sales and after I pick up my brand new iPhone!
Till then, here's some more pictures from tonight. Enjoy!
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  1. Love the Pokening & Hug sign! So cute ^^

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