Gundam RX-78 1:1 scale model complete. But where are the leftover plastic mold pieces?

It’s been a crazy week so far. Between various events, buzz on new technology, visiting friends and ignoring the building pile of mail on my desk, I have hardly slept since Sunday.

So when the call came in from Danny Choo that the giant 1:1 scale Gundam robot that they have been building in Odaiba was nearly complete and some people were gathering for a photoshoot I had regretfully decline in order to catch a few REM cycl…

What?!? Are you kidding me? I am so there!

No way I am missing out on Giant Robot terrorizing Tokyo action. -EVER!

So Paul Papadimitriou and I hopped on a train from Narita aiport and went straight to Odaiba. There we met up with the rest of our Mission:Impossible crew.

Our leader, the Amazing Danny Choo (undercover and sans armor today), 3-dan Black belt in Otaku-do Ken Lee, World famous music-video director Jonny Li, Digital camera meastro Pietro Zuco, and infiltration expert Lester Ho, Paul and I gathered at a our top-secret remote base in Odaiba. and planned out strategy.

Danny Choo plotting 地球制覇
After weeks in the jungle and having subdued countless dangerous and armed security guards (really, i wasn’t counting), we arrived at the secret contruction site of the Federations’ new Prototype Mobile Suit. Approx 15 min south of Aqua City.
Here’s what happened next.

Well, kinda like that. Here’s what we saw. (click Gundam to see slide show of more pictures)
Real Gundam - 02

Here are more reconnoissance photos by the rest of the crew.

Paul Papadimitriou
Ken Lee
Zuco PietroLester Ho Jonny Li

The Gundam is still not completely finished and will soon have lights realistic sound and visual effects.


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  1. nice touch adding the video, can’t believe I watched it all 😀
    wish I could see the Gundam in person -_-

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