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What’s in an “s”? My first look at the iPhone 3Gs

iPhone 3Gs Launch events in Japan.
iPhone 3Gs Get! - 01

I think I might be sick. Mentally, you know?

Did I need a new iPhone 3Gs? Nope.

Did I need to stay up all night to wait in line to get one? Definitely not.

Was there a problem with my old iPhone 3G? Not really.

Do I have so much money I need to just throw it away? No way.

So that leaves me with the fact that I have a problem.

oh well. On with the review 🙂

So obviously I stayed up last Friday night at the all-night Softbank iPhone 3Gs launch event/party. To be honest, I had a pretty good time. Got to spend time with some good friends and meet lots of interesting people. I got to participate in a totally geek centered event that boosts my ego (always nice to know for sure that you are NOT the geekiest person in the room). Enjoyed the presentations, and even managed to win some cool stuff. And of course, I finished things off by taking my brand new iPhone 3Gs home with me.

Since I was mostly asleep when I first posted about this event, I'd like to start over and detail the events of the evening.

I started off my iPhone Night by first stopping by the Softbank store in Omotesando. I got there around 4PM and quickly ran in to reserve my iPhone. Had waffled for several days on the decision, but finally broke down and decided to go for it. Here are the things that led me to my decision.

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So scary because it is true

You could ask the question, “Do companies think that their customers are all complete idiots”?Dilbert.gif

You don’t really want an answer to that question do you?

iPhone 3Gs launches in Japan. I lose sleep.

Today marks the official launch of the iPhone 3Gs in Japan.

A bit later than the US launch, but still close enough that I don't feel too left out. Still, my schedule these days conspires to bring me to my knees. After a full day of meetings, I popped up to check the line at Omotesando for the Launch Party event sposored by Nobi and Denso. What did I find when I got here but Free pokening and hugs!

At the iPhone 3Gs line in Omotesando

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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen opens in Japan! Tokyo Transformers Night


Just got back from the opening night of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Seriously had the time of my life!

Gathered a group of Die-Hard Transformer fans including @dannychoo @jonnyli @iMorpheus @fvbock @tamegoeswild @drzuco @mikamika59 @frankiebit and @ripkin. We all trucked down to the brand new IMAX theater in Kawasaki.

Tokyo Transformers Night - 07

IMAX Digital just started in Japan today with the firs three theaters opening with the Transformers opening night. Kawasaki is the most convenient being only about 15 minutes from Tokyo station by express train so I will definitely visit again soon.

Tokyo Transformers Night - 09

OK. Fanboy coming out now so you might want to plug your ears.

This movie rocked my world! Lots of robots beating up other robots. Lots of cheezy jokes. Lots of robots shooting other robots. Lots of cheap cheecake shots of whatername. Lots of robots exploding after being shot with missiles by other robots. LOTS OF ROBOTS!

They really seem to have the CGI down for robots as this time I think they had 3X the robots as last movie. And much more action.

Movie did slow down a bit as they actually tried to put in a plot this time. But at over 2.5 hours they actually managed to squeeze in a lot more. In spite of all the advance press I read there was still a lot of stuff I wasn't expecting.

Basically I was transported back a few decades and managed to recapture a lot of my delight from my original exposure to the transformers. Not a bad plot. Lots of action and very good special effects. Mechanical designs amazing. Drama (what they did to my precious Audi R8!). I have to say that the feeling I had through the movie was immense satisfaction.

If you can see the film in an IMAX theater, it is definitely worth it. If you can see it with a great group of friends, even better.

Before checking out the movie we stopped by the BIC Camera nearby and played around a bit with the new Transformer toys. I might have to check out one or two.

Highly recommended movie. May not be for everyone. But if it ain't for you, don't want to know ya.

Tokyo Transformers Night - 10

Green Tea Coke?

What is it with Japan an oddly flavored soft drinks? It was only a few years ago that Pepsi *very* briefly experimented with Cucumber flavored Pepsi.

You think I am kidding don't you? Good thing I took a picture.

Pepsi Cucumber - 1

Well, one small miscalculation by Pepsi. They actually made it taste like cucumber. Seriously. Spot on, and so, so wrong. This is one drink that did not stay on the shelves long, and I doubt it was due to high sales.

Now Coke enters the "because science can anything" game with the Coca Cola plus line of drinks.

"plus" in this case means some healthy ingredient such as vitamin C or Catechin. In other ways, it's really a "minus" as this series is targeted to women by keeping it no-calorie and using Sarah Jessica Parker in the advertisements. Check out the webpage here.

So the Coca Cola plus Catechin drink is supposed to be flavored like green tea. I've poured myself a glass and am drinking it down while writing this post. My assessment is…

Green Tea Coke? - 1

Green Tea Coke? - 2

Not bad. Really, Tastes kind of like Coke Zero. But actually a more mellow aftertaste. I actually think it's pretty good.

But I have no idea what they are talking about when they say Green Tea.

No green tea flavor at all that I can taste. But as experiments go it could be worse.

Trust me on that.