Japan to be saved by Gamera-Radar, or by Anime Heroes.

The Japanese government is pretty freaked out by the north Korea missile test, so there has been a lot of coverage over the proposed anti-missile systems that the Japanese military plan to use to shoot down any test missiles that stray into Japanese airspace.

A key component in this system are the giant Gamera Radar installations placed to detect and track any incoming objects.

Yes, Gamera will in fact save Japan from invaders from space.


wait, not that one. This one.


For more on how the Gamera Radar system works, here is a news story covering the missile defense system.

FNN: North Korean Missile Defense System Gamera-Radar

Of course. There are some top secret backup systems not released by the news media, but some highly placed spies have managed to infiltrate and reveal that Japan’s anime superheroes including the Space Battleship Yamato, a Gundam, EVA 01, a Tachikoma, and a magic girl will be prepared to take out the missile should Gamera fail.200904021346.jpg

I am somewhat disturbed that the last resort is to have Doraemon deflect the missile to the US (!).

Top Secret: Japan Missile Defense @DannyChoo.com


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  1. I laughed till I cried. Made my Monday a bit easier to deal with. Thanks.

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