Just made what has to be one of my favorite purchases in recent months.


I have now greatly improved my overall mobility in Tokyo.  Now that I have moved into downtown Tokyo, I can use this bike to easily get around.  Having tooled around for the last week, it is like discovering a whole new city.
I've figured out that it is a lot easier to get from place to place by using the backstreets, as they don't get as packed with cars and pedestrians.  Now I am seeing whole new areas filled with all sorts of interesting things.  Hopefully I'll find some things to post about later.
One thing that makes this a lot easier is the iPhone mount I found.  With it, I can use the GPS and mapping capabilities of the iPhone to navigate to my destination.


There is even an app I can use as a cycling computer!


Hopefully more things to come!


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  1. Hi, that’s just what I’ve been looking for too – could you tell me where you bought the mount? I have looked in BIC & Yodobashi,, not had any luck. Thanks

  2. Adachi – I ordered it from Sanwa direct here –
    Haven’t seen it in any shops around, but they delivered it in a day or so and it works great. about 3,000 yen.

  3. I bought a similar one last year and totally fell in love with it. I just rediscovered Tokyo, riding where I want to without the fear to get lost and found 3 years later in the wilds.
    Just one hiccup though, the handles are permanently pushing on the volume sounds…

  4. When I first got a bike in Tokyo it was a big day too. I got lost constantly riding around the first month. Eventually I learned the city very well and that mostly stopped. You are lucky to have the iPhone and that sweet mount for it.
    What’s the name of the cycling computer app?

  5. I’m doing it as much as I can to go to my job using my bike. (30Km)
    You are totally right, a new city to discover and a good way to avoid the rush and inconveniences of the trains.
    Nice approach with the iPhone 🙂

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