Using Social Technology to find a job

Well, high on my list of things to do now is to try and plot a new career path.  One of the good things about the current challenging climate is that i can say that at least I am in good company.  While the job market is certainly tougher than it has been in the last few years, technology has started to fill in the gaps and make things easier.
In the last few years it has become obvious to businesses that they must use the web to stay competitive, I think the same goes for those looking for work or business.  I'm working on developing my strategy for this, but for now I am trying to gather as much information and advice as I can.
Mashable is of course a great resource for information on Social Technology.  It has a job board for related jobs and also articles and tips.  Here is a great list of Social Technology resources used by Job Hunters.

Mashable: Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

Good luck hunters!


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