Ecamm BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam (for Mac)

Really?!?  Honestly?!?  After asking for this for like 2 years? I can finally get?
I've wanted a wireless webcam for ages.  Thing is, when I am using a webcam, I am just as likely to swing it around to show the other side where I am, or what I am working on.  But with a wireless webcam I should be able to take my chatting partner on a short walk, or pass the cam around in a group.
Of course the design of Ecamm's BT-1 does leave a bit to be desired.  First of all, it does look a bit… boring.  Also the ergonomics seem a bit off.  Did I mention it looks boring?

Also don't know about the specs. 

  • 640×480 H.264 video and 48 kHz AAC stereo audio
  • Compact 2" x 2½" x 5/8" design
  • 4 hour talk time
  • Wireless range of 10-30 feet
  • Compatible with iChat, Skype and more
  • Standard tripod mounting screw

And the price of $149 will certainly have to wait until I see one in action.  Considering that most Bluetooth headset seem to cause problems for me, a VC over the same bandwidth seems a bit optomistic.  Bonjour seems like it might have been a better option with longer range to boot.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing this (and more products like it).

Ecamm Network BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam


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