Take that, Anti-Christ!

Recently un-employed spawn of the Devil (also known as Kevin Martin Former FCC chairman) pictured above.

Yes, I know I am being petty, but really, this is a grave I am all too happy to dance upon.  The news today of course is that the February launch of digital TV just went splat upon the wall.

WSJ: U.S. Senate Votes to Delay Digital TV Transition

So now the US will fall into the chaos that Mr Corporate Tool above here predicted.  Two years of planning and advertisement up in smoke and millions in addition costs.  This is of instead of the  screwing of the US consumer and botched nightmare that he originally planned and recommended as recently as two weeks ago.

No doubt this regime has left scars on the US telecom industry that will be felt for years to come.  But at least it will help create jobs.  Like the governmental equivalent to a pooper-scooper.


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