The most lame of all ducks.


No not him.Capt.10729ddddbde48d8ba5e27e5fbb93f8a.japan_politics_ksx108

Who could possibly be less popular than him?  Unless of course you mean the immensely unpopular, much maligned prime minister of Japan, Taro Aso (pronounced Ass-Hole).

One of the strongest, most developed countries in the world, Japan faces deep problems as serious as those faces by the other declining nations.  Still it is head-shaking unbelievable how disassociated with reality the leadership of Japan can be.  The problems of Japan, the real problems, lie ahead, not behind as many in the ruling party seem to believe.

But there seems to be little hope that Japan will find the leadership it needs to navigate the country into a path with a future.  The LDP lies rotting on the seat of government, but the opposition is no better.  And the politicians treat the system and the future of the people of Japan with little more than contempt.

Truly stuff that would make the Governor of Illinois proud.

AP: Japanese PM rejects calls for resignation


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