Subway Blogging

On the way to Meiji Shrine to take a few photos. Yet another thing I like about my iphone is the ability to write posts to the blog while offline. I'm using the typepad app which is pretty good, but not perfect. I can write posts while I am in transit and then publish as soon as I hit a connection at a station. I've been trying to work out the best publishing system and so far I'm pretty happy with this one. I'm now using a Typepad account instead of a full webhosting solution after too much general grief from my providers on the past.
I think I have finally settled on flickr for my moblog, mostly because I like the way the badge displays in my sidebar.
The blog, moblog, and twitterfeed are all easily update able via my iPhone, or any handy web enabled computer. Email updates also enable me to use my Blackberry in a pinch.
I suppose I can post more details about all the tools I have decided on later, maybe once I really test these all out and am settled into the whole system.


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Gadget Addict, Tokyo Resident and Techno-Luddite. Training, Solutions, and New Media Specialist. Not a fan of Mosquitoes.

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